Designing content for variety of formats is what I do every day.

Currently, I design and animate Ads for Clinch’s international and domestic clients. I deliver creatives for their Social, Display or Video needs by being cognizant of the end user. As the potential audience myself, I construct creatives that deliver optimal interface. As a confirmation, the company recently told me that my ads perform 4X better than the average across our network. I use this information to keep delivering sharp designs and creatives.

You can find some of my work in Clinch’s website.

Mario Movement Design - Clinch Work

At Farmia I designed their livestock trading platform from the ground. As the only designer, I designed Mockups of each of the landing pages, both for mobile and desktop. I was a key player in designing the UX/UI of Farmia platform. Based on A/B testing results, I optimized the design and made the platform even more user-friendly. At the time, Farmia reached 100,000 listings that positioned the company as a leader in the industry.

Mario Movement Design - Farmia Work

I designed all of the company’s creatives for offline and online marketing activities. I made sure Farmia brand was consistent through every medium.

You can still find some of the original deliverable at