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Clinch is a Personalized Programmatic Creative platform. It combines brand, product, and consumer data to transform video, display & social formats into revenue-generating personalized advertising solutions.

During my time at Clinch, I worked with domestic and international clients. I created dynamic advertising solutions for existing clients and creating demos for client onboarding. Some of the brands I designed for Jet, Walmart, Kia, Mazda, Corona, Etoro, Despegar, Singtel, etc.


Motion Graphic Designer




Alon Caspi — Creative Director

Sishuang Wu — Motion Designer

First steps

To design successfully for different clients at the begging of each project, I familiarized myself with client brand guidelines and the requirements of the project. To design display ads I would have to determine the number of loops because the amount of loops defines how many static screens I need to design.

Ads duration: up to 10sec. Static designs number: 2

Once I had static screens approved I came up with the animation solution for the ad.

Developing other formats

Display ads come in many formats and that's why the next step was to convert animation of 300x250 format in other available formats: 728x90, 320x50, 160x600, 200x200, 300x600, etc.

Making ads dynamic

With the animation approved, the next step was to make the adds dynamic. At Clinch, we did that by connecting layers of after effect files to the elements of the client feed. This way ads become dynamic, and the content of the ads differs based on the end-user. Some users will see one type of product from a specific brand while other users will see a different product from the same brand.

A/B testing

Video Ads


Display Ads

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