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Eximchain is a Singapore based blockchain company working to provide blockchain applications for supply chain industry.

A native wallet and governance system were essential to launch the mainnet. Supply chains are global and to ensure the legal availability of the Eximchain network we needed a strict identity validation process. As a solution we built a mobile app that allows you to create a wallet, validate your identity, and view network members. Also, we built a desktop application that allows you to view wallet balances, send and sign transactions, and interact with smart contracts.


Visual Designer




Douglas Sanchez — Product Design Manager

Chris Bubnov — Lead Product Designer

Fransheska Colon — Lead Application Developer

While working at Eximchain I came up with a new Visual Identity of Eximchain brand. This new Visual Identity standard helped us redesigned marketing website and it ensured the consistent design of Governance mobile app and Wallet desktop app. Learn more bellow about:

Brand Guide

Mobile and Desktop Design System

Governance and Wallet app


What you see is what you improve

Upon my arrival in the company brand identity was barely existing. The usage of colors, images, and illustrations were inconsistent and generic.

Learn how other brands look

Analyzing many supply chain and blockchain brands I learned best practices in the industry.

I noticed a pattern among the competitors in the usage of cool colors as a primary color. Also, on marketing website, competitors used combinations of showcasing product UI and outlined illustrations.

Eximchain Brand Guide

Gathering knowledge about competitors allowed me to move forward in creating new Eximchain visual standards. I documented Typography standards for both use in marketing and UI. Also, the brand guideline addressed the standards for Logo, Color, Imagery, and Motion.

With this new Brand Guide in place, we knew that we will achieve better visual consistency with our future designs.

Mobile and Desktop Design System

Considering the intricacies of the Governance and Wallet app we decided to create a Design System to consolidate the complexity of our products. The inspiration for the structure of our Design System came from the Atomic Design Methodology.

Eximchain Design System Concept

We organized the Design System into Foundations, Components, Patterns, and Templates. Foundations included brand and UI Colors, Iconography, Shadows, Spacing, and Typography.

Components included Avatars, Badges, Breadcrumbs, Buttons, Form Inputs, and many more UI elements.

We included illustrations in our Design System library. Also, I built a humans library that was fully dynamic and that supported various postures and inclusive themes.

Governance mobile app

The key differentiator that the Eximchain network has is utilizing quadratic voting to elect blockmakers that manage the network. Quadratic voting is an election method that allows users to cast their preference for and against a candidate. To prevent users to vote with multiple identities we come up with a solution by incorporating these features in our Governance app:

1. A new address must be generated in the app. Once created it is linked with the user email account.

2. Once a wallet is created, the user needs to go through an identity validation process (KYC).

3. Once the user passes KYC, his email and wallet address are approved for voting on the network.


By mapping the full customer journey we made sure to create a flow that introduced quadratic voting and blockchain technology in clear easy to understand manner. By doing so we arrived at four major flows including sign up/sign in, wallet creation, and identity validation.


After rounds of testing users with varied knowledge of blockchain technology, we improved the wallet creation design.

Old design

Improved design




Wallet desktop app

Compared to MyCrypto cryptocurrency wallet, the Eximchain Wallet app had a simpler transaction executor, and the ability to vote for which members of the Eximchain Network have control of master nodes.



During my time in the company, I was assigned to create UI animations for the Eximchain Governance app and animations for marketing activities.

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